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Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer


LDR Brachytherapy

Prostate Seed Implant (LDR Brachytherapy) The doctors in Radiation Oncology Consultants have extensive experience in permanent prostate seed implants having performed over 1200 of these procedures in the last 8 years. This is a one hour outpatient procedure that delivers the radiation directly to the cancer in the prostate by inserting tiny radioactive seeds. These seeds act like batteries releasing their energy over time to kill the cancer.





Advantages of seed implants include the convenience of a one day outpatient procedure, the ability to conform or confine the radiation dose to the prostate plus margin, excellent long term cure rates and a low risk of side effects. Most common side effects include temporary discomfort between the legs where the seeds are inserted, changes in urination including frequency and urgency (a small percentage of men may require a temporary urinary catheter after treatment), and possible effect on ability to have erections.





Most men are back to work and doing their normal activities within one or two days after the procedure. The best candidates for seed implants are those men whose cancers have been caught early where the cancer is likely to be confined to the prostate. A man also needs to be healthy enough to undergo a short general or spinal anesthesia. The prostate needs to be a certain size (not too large) for the doctors to perform a good, safe implant and this is determined by an ultrasound test called a volume study. Pictures of the prostate from this study are used to create a 3 dimensional customized radiation treatment plan.

Some patients with more advanced cancers may have external beam radiation and hormones in addition to a seed implant. Your doctors can determine what types of treatment are most appropriate for you. Patients are followed closely to make sure they are recovering well from the procedure and to monitor their cancer with frequent PSA’s.




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