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Tomotherapy is a dedicated IMRT (intensity modulation radiation therapy) machine with tremendous precision and unique capabilities.  Tomotherapy offers two primary advantages over previous radiation therapies:  better targeting and better delivery.  Now physicians can plan, verify and deliver treatment with a single system.

This enhanced precision helps minimize the impact of radiation on adjacent healthy tissue.  Tomotherapy is ideal to treat tumors that are next to important normal structures that should be spared from the radiation—such as treating prostate cancer while sparing the rectum and bladder:  head and neck cancer while sparing the salivary glands: and brain cancer while sparing as much normal brain as possible.

Tomotherapy1The tomotherapy system is also well suited for stereotactic body radiation.  Specifically, ROCL physicians having been using the precision and power of tomotherapy to treat small lung cancers in patients who are unable to undergo lung surgery.  This treatment is delivered over 5 treatments achieving  local control rates of over 90 percent.  Tomotherapy can also be used for stereotactic body radiation to tumors of the spine or liver.

Tomotherapy is primarily used for

  • Prostate cancer
  • Head and neck cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Stereotactic body radiation
  • Radiation retreatment
  • Complex cases

Tomotherapy2Tomotherapy can attack the radiation from 360 degrees instead of five or ten angles offered by conventional IMRT.  Tomotherapy uses an onboard CT (computerized tomography) scanner to get a detailed picture of the tumor’s size and shape—this process is also called IGRT or image guided radiation therapy.  By imaging the tumor before each treatment, physicians continually monitor and respond to changes in the tumor itself or in the patient’s position, so patients receive the most effective radiation therapy each day.  As this customized therapy targets the treatment area, it helps minimize damage to surrounding tissue.

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